Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife Review

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Wusthof knives aren’t just wonderful to use, they’ll help you get some pretty amazing dishes on the table. That’s because each Wusthof knife collection is designed around a single specific recipe – giving you all of the right knives for making that dish and nothing extraneous. The Wusthof Classic Ikon line’s cook’s knife is a blend of Japanese and German knife design – blending a thin, strong blade with precision cutting control and the feel of the traditional Western chef’s knife. It really is hard to find anything better for cutting up big pieces of tough ingredients for soups and stews – just remember to keep it sharp with your steel or stone!

The Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife is the perfect blend of two legendary knife cultures. It’s lightweight but hefty, with a large blade. The blade has a long-lasting edge that stays sharp for years, plus it’s easy to sharpen when the time comes. This is one of those knives that will get better with age as the amazing edge becomes even sharper with use. And every cut will be effortless.

Features of Wusthof Classic Ikon Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic IKON 8" Chef's Knife
  • KITCHEN WORKHORSE – The WÜSTHOF 8” CLASSIC IKON Chef’s Knife is essential...
  • WÜSTHOF CLASSIC IKON SERIES – Features a sleek and sophisticated black handle...
  • CHEF’S KNIFE – Features an 8” long blade with a distinctive double Bolster...
  • PRECISION FORGED – The 8” Chef’s Knife is forged from a single block of...
  • Made of Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a high-carbon stainless steel knife that will withstand daily, rugged use in the kitchen, without being too tough on your budget, you should take a look at the Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife.

For centuries, the high-carbon German stainless steel used to make Wusthof Classic Ikon cutlery has been known by its extraordinary ability to hold an edge. In fact, premium-quality Wusthof Classic Ikon cutlery was meticulously crafted by skilled German artisans and is forged from a special blend of specially alloyed metal consisting of high carbon, chromium and molybdenum. The addition of these elements provides exceptional hardness – the ability to maintain its shape and sharpness over a long period of time.

There is one of the top features that the blade has been made from a single piece of carbon steel. On the other hand, this is a Germen steel, which is super stronger and come with a great quality.

  • Sharpness

Here at Wusthof, we only carry a limited amount of knives because we want to offer a one of a kind shopping experience for our customers. Our philosophy is to offer the best and highest quality on the market. The Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife is a great example of this. I will go into why this knives blade is special in this review.

This knife appears to be very sharp. It easily cuts through chicken, tomatoes and apples with a few swipes per fruit. The blade is 8 inches long. I’d recommend using a 12 inch cutting board for proper grip of this knife.

  • Handle

For people who cook a lot or just love to make salads and other dishes, you know how important it is to have the best knives in your kitchen. If a knife requires too much force for cutting, there is a big chance that you will lose control and cut yourself, endangering your safety. This counter-productive scenario can be easily avoided by choosing the best Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife available on the market today.

The Wusthof Classic Ikon 8 Inch Cooks Knife has an ergonomic handle with triple rivets which provides a very good grip. It is made from forged high-carbon steel, so not only is it tough, but also sharpens easily when it becomes dull.

Why the German and Japanese together?

Now, there is nothing wrong with a German made knife. In fact, I have been using Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, which is a German brand for the past few months and it is really great. However, when I got my hands on a Shun Premier Chef’s Knife recently, I was fascinated at how sharp and soft they were. Needless to say, I tried to combine the two in my cooking to see if there are any benefits of doing so, especially when you look at their price differences.

It might surprise you to hear that Japanese and German kitchen knives are far superior than their other world counterparts. Despite the fact that German and Japanese manufacturers often make different products, they are at the top of the food chain when it comes to knife-making. So, what do a well-known German manufacturer, Wusthof, and a somewhat lesser known Japanese manufacturer, Yoshikin, give to the world is a collaboration that transcends both industries. This penultimate kitchen knife is for people who like to have a very sharp knife at hand.

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Is a Wusthof Classic Ikon worth the price?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Is a Wusthof Classic Ikon knife worth the price?” And, aren’t all my questions simply fantastic? I’ve been using Wusthof Classic Ikon knives since college, so when I was faced with this question I knew exactly what to do — research. I wanted to know if they were really that much better than their other less expensive lines.

Wusthof Classic Ikon knives are made of high-carbon German steel and are hand-finished by skilled craftsmen. These knives are a complete set, which means they can replace the need for a variety of different kitchenware.

How were the Ikon’s designed?

Wusthof has always been one of the most prestigious names in the knife industry. Starting with the Classic line, Wusthof aims to distinguish itself as a company that caters to professional chefs who seek to improve their performances and learn new techniques. However, Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife is not just for professionals; anyone with needs for high performance in the kitchen could find this knife very useful.

What kind of knife will work best for your cooking style?

I think the best chef’s knife is the one that fits your personal cooking style. While there are hundreds of different knives out there, choosing one can be a big challenge. I’ve tested over a dozen different knives made by Wusthof and Henckels–including their Classic Ikon 8-inch Cook’s Knife–and this model continues to impress me after several months of use. I have a good understanding of how to choose a well-made chef’s knife because I also know how important it is to have a sharp tool that’s comfortable in your hand.


Since acquiring the Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, I have had countless opportunities to use it. There is a reason they call it classic. It truly is an essential knife and serves me well in the kitchen. If you are looking for a high quality knife that will provide years of excellent service, the Classic Ikon is an excellent choice.

In conclusion, this knife will make a beautiful addition to any kitchen, whether it’s a DIYer’s or a professional chef. It’s super easy to clean and care for. If you like to purchase Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, check out the link below.

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