What Is The Difference Between W2 Steel vs 1095

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w2 steel vs 1095W2 Steel and 1095 sheets of Steel are the best outdoor or kitchen Steel.  They are both carbon plates of Steel, and knife making processing system are very different.

You will find different types of Steel in the market, so you need to know some information about these two steel sheets. You make the correct decision because you come to the right comparison.

These two knives Steel have been discussions and comparison about the w2 Steel vs 1095 to cutting for any fruit ingredients in buying your preferable product and apply it correctly. After all, now you start reading this guide soon.

Relevant Products

Kershaw Natrix - Copper Pocketknife (7006CU); 2.75-inch Drop-Point Blade...
Kershaw Natrix - Copper Pocketknife (7006CU); 2.75-inch Drop-Point Blade...
Kershaw Natrix - Copper Pocketknife (7006CU); 2.75-inch Drop-Point Blade...
Kershaw Natrix - Copper Pocketknife (7006CU); 2.75-inch Drop-Point Blade...

1. W2 Steel Flat Barstock

W2 Steel Flat Barstock | 12x1.5x5/16 | Knife Making
  • 12" x 1.5" x 5/16", hot rolled
  • High-carbon steel plus vanadium
  • Perfect for knife-making
  • Good for stock removal or forging

The knife made from high-carbon steel plus vanadium.

It is excellent for knife-making. So you can purchase this one for making your useful knife.

Because the W2 steel knife great for stock removal or forging. Even perfect for Hamons.

2. ESEE Knives 6P: Best 1095 Knives

ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife w/Molded Polymer Sheath (Black...
  • Overall Length: 11.75"
  • Blade Length: 6.50"
  • Blade Material: 1095 Steel
  • Handle Material: Gray Micarta

If you search for the best quality knife from ESEE, then the 6P is a black finished blade with a plain cutting edge. The best quality knife comes with a 6.5 edge and Micarta handle. On the other hand, the knife is very ergonomic.

The knife feels comfortable and non-slip in the grap; we have chosen this knife for its high-performance features.

The knife comes with a lifetime warranty means you can use it at full potential and ask for a repair after. The following reason is a perfect size, 6 inches blade it’s just perfect, and the last reason is the toughness!

It is a high carbon knife, so you will enjoy batoning some wood with this beast! But the little beast doesn’t come along; that includes a durable carry sheath with a removable clip ready to use!

W2 Steel vs 1095 For Knives Compared Review

[W2 Steel]: What is W2 steel?

If you search for an affordable price knife, you can purchase w2 stainless steel knives; because it holds its edge quite well but not very tough. That comes with a carbon content of 1.5. On the other hand, W2 is one of the carbon steel that can produce a great Hamon in heat treating

W2 Information & Composition

Materials               Quantity             Works
Carbon 1.15% It will increase hardness Wear/corrosion resistance Unfortunately a high amount of it decreases strength.
Chromium 0.15% Perfect for tensile strength and Edge retention. On the other hand it enhances corrosion resistance and wear resistance
Molybdenum 0.10% It improves Machinability and strength
Nickel 0.20% Increase toughness.
Manganese 0.25% It improves hardness and brittleness.
Silicon 0.25% Good for strength.

Is w2 steel good for knives?

If you want to purchase a long-lasting performing knife that provides excellent working performance, then you can buy these types of steel knife. It has low corrosion resistance and wears resistance.

That’s why you should take good care of it to avoid rust and dull and especially when you’re searching for a kitchen knife outdoor knife, fishing knife or diving knife, we wouldn’t recommend it there’s better steel for this usages.

W2 steel properties

To sum up, following to the chemical composition and the HRC of the steel, the W2 steel has the following features:

W2 Edge Retention: The steel can quickly reach a maximum of 65HEC, or if it’s well hardened to a 62 Hrc, the steel will be tough steel with excellent edge retention.

W2 Corrosion Resistance: Next up, the corrosion resistance of the steel is meagre, due to the low amount of Chromium in it.

W2 Wear Resistance: The w2 steel excellent wear resistance, but not the greatest, should be taken care of to avoid dull.

W2 Sharpness: Without any confusion you can purchase these types of knife, because the steel the harder to sharpen it and the steel is tough and sharpen it won’t be easy.

W2 Toughness: Finally, it comes with excellent toughness, besides the W2 steel depend on the hardness if you try to reach above the 63 HRC hardness, it will cost you a lot of toughness.

Some of the steel we recommend in the “bd1 steel” article here can help you with that.

Is W2 steel good for knives?

We hope you know that knife steel nerds are praising carbon steels for their incredible strength and how they make strong and durable blades. However, w2 steel is one such steel and you’ll find the steel in a variety of knives made for several applications where high strength is required.

Nowadays, w2 stainless steel comes with a favorite for knife users and custom knife makers. But if you have never used it before, don’t worry, we have prepared this in-depth w2 steel review to educate you on everything you need to know about the steel including what is w2 tool steel.

So to get more details you need checkout its chemical composition, properties, comparison with other steels, and more. Read More 12c27 vs 8cr13mov Steel For Knives: Which Is Right For You?

[1095 Steel]: What is 1095 Carbon steel?

1095 carbon steel knife old high carbon steel from the 10xx steel series. That is specially used for knives and blades, the first two digits of the designation refer to the main two elements used in the steel, and the second two digits represent the percentage of carbon use.

In this steel 1095, the first digit 1 refers to carbon, the second digit 0 means that there is no second main element used in the alloy, for the two last digits 95 refers to 0.95%, which gives us 0.95% of carbon.

Is 1095 Carbon Steel Good For Knife?

The 1095 high carbon steel is old, popular steel, easy and straightforward to heat treat, good in toughness, perfect hardness with excellent edge retention, and at the same time, it comes at a reasonable price.

After all, we find the steel great for knife making, especially for beginners; it is very user-friendly, easy to sharpen, quick-tempered. On the other hand, the steel goes from for relatively sparingly to hard as a rock.

This is great steel for knife making, because these brand of steel already gained most popularity in the market.

Is 1095 Carbon Steel Easy To Sharpen?

Do you know 1095 steel can consider more brittle than other types of steel? 1095 high carbon steel is suitable for blades that are not too thin.

So, you can purchase this one without any confusion because the steel is easy to sharpen, but if a knife made with this type of steel doesn’t have a decent amount of thickness behind it. On the other hand, the steel is liable to break easily. Read More 154CM Steel VS D2 Steel: Which is Better for Knives?

1095 Carbon Steel Hardness

The 1095 carbon steel, this simple alloy steel, uses to make knives and swords. When you have this one, you can efficiently work with excellent results. Besides, to have straightforward heat treatment, it is recommended for beginners, although it is widely used to manufacture cutlery by professionals.

1095 Carbon Steel Composition

Materials Quantity Works
Carbon 0.95% Improves hardness Wear/corrosion resistance

Unfortunately a high amount of it decreases strength.

Manganese 0.5% It improves hardness and brittleness.
Phosphorus 0.03% Improve strength.
Sulfur 0.05% Improves machinability.

1095 steel properties

1095 Work

W2 Steel vs 1095 Steel for Knives – Final Verdict

Both sheets of steel provide strong performance and durability so that you can sharpen easily. Even these w2 steel and 1095 are equipped with the benefit features so that you can easily use your knife for kitchen or outdoor use.

However, this compared guide about the w2 steel vs 1095 you must help get the remarkable result. At the time of the comparison, you will not find any right knife steel which the best for you. So, you can purchase these two sheets of steel like your preference.

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