Is 8cr13mov Good Knife Steel [Complete Steel Guide]

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8Cr13MoVMost people look at standard steel use popular knife brands to help you select the best material for your blade.

However, knifemakers use many steel types to create knife blades which one is right for you?

Three main characteristics differentiate steel from one another: corrosion resistance, toughness and hardness. After all, We won’t go into detail about those here. But to learn more about these and other 8cr13mov, read our related knife’s guide.

However, recently some Chinese steel knives are amazingly gaining popularity in the knife industry. Due to its budget-friendly price and ease of manufacturing, one of these steel is the 8CR13MOV stainless steel, so the question is: this is best for you? So, without any confusion, we’re going to purchase through this blog post.

Is 8cr13mov Steel Knife Relevant Products Table

What is 8Cr13MoV?

Especially, 8Cr13MoV is a low-end Chinese-Made Stainless Steel similar to the Japanese AUS 8, that belongs to the CR13 series, mostly in Carbon, Chromium, that uses for knives. However, most of the knife maker use the material, and some of it made its best.

It produces steel that nowadays starts showing up in Chines-made knives. According to our research 9Cr is the best end of the series and is quite good- as good then AUS-8.

On the other hand, the 8Cr, the more common formulation worse than AUS-8 a little more prone to corrosion and not quite as hard. Besides, it is very reasonable and when ground appropriately, a real winner from a value standpoint.

8cr13mov chemical composition

  • 8% of Carbon: that can improve hardness and corrosion resistance; on the other hand a high amount of it decreases strength.
  • 2% of Nickel: It can improve toughness.
  • 5% of Chromium: This for tensile strength and edge retention and enhances corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
  • 3% of Molybdenum: The material increase machinability and strength.
  • 1% of Manganese: that can increase hardness and brittleness.
  • 04% of Sulfur: It can increase machinability.
  • 25% of Vanadium: It improves wear resistance and hardenability.
  • 1% of Silicon: It will improve strength.

However, according to our recommendation 8Cr13Mov has more than 12% of Chromium in it, making it stainless steel, even of that, it has a mixture of Carbon, Silicon, and Manganese which provides hardness and strength to the steel.

8Cr13Mov steel properties

After all according to the chemical composition and the HRC of the steel. It has the following features:

  • Edge retention: Since it comes with reasonable price that gives a great hardness for it price, and provide great edge retention that may be comparable with mid-range steel.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Being stainless steel with more than 145% of Chromium in it that provides a wonderful corrosion resistance.
  • Wear Resistance: 8Cr13Mov provides the best wear resistance, due to the mixture of Chromium and Vanadium in it.
  • Sharpness: When you used as a knife, while being hard steel, it’s easy to sharpen and gives quick cutting.

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Is 8Cr13MoV good knife steel?

Everyone knows that these types of knife material come with reasonable price, and they provide Decent Edge retention, corrosion resistance, and hardness and wear resistance.

As from features, for this low price, so the answer is yes compared to other budget steel knives. So, without confusion, you use it as an EDC knife, kitchen knife or hunting knife, but be prepared to take good care of it.

Best 8Cr13MoV Knives

Spyderco Tenacious

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Utility Pocket Knife with 3.39" Stainless Steel...
  • Game Changer - Being tenacious means you are persistent and cohesive. It's being...
  • Superior Blade Steel - The 3.39" 8Cr13Mov stainless blade is leaf-shaped and...
  • A Secure Grip - It has a black G-10 laminate handle, Ergonomically milled with...
  • Easy-To-Use - The blade's shape coupled with an oversized Spyderco Round Hole...

This page highly recommends the Spyderco Tenacious Value Folding knife, which comes with professional looks for right size KDC knife on a budget.

Who searching for good prices knife, then this is very good for its affordable price. We’ll tell you why first you have a 3.4-inch drop point straight edge blade made from the 8cr13mov; which makes the knife perfect corrosion resistance and toughness. Next reason the handle that has a G-10 handle.

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After all, when you being tenacious means, you are persistent and cohesive. Since the knife was made from high-quality material, it is best for cutting.

Coupled with an oversize Spyderco round hole and textured spine jumping.


Finally, 8Cr13Mov steel comes at a reasonable price but not bad. According to our research we get the wrong idea about this product, it’s very cheap, but we were wrong because the knife is perfect for the price.

You can purchase this type of knife without any confusion, which comes with a budget-friendly price. On the other hand, it can hold an edge, resist corrosion, hard and tough; you can take a chance with 8Cr13mov. (As from features, these types all knife made the best heat treatment for the steel, and they brought the best knife of it).

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